Nechako Valley Exhibition Society

Division 2 - Beef

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors and Volunteers


Entry Info: Brenda Wheeler 250-567-4020, email:
Judge: Levi Jackson, Sedley, Saskatchewan

Entry per unit
: $15.00 (non-refundable). Entry fees and a photocopy of registration papers or proof of registration, must accompany the entry form.
Note: one breed per entry form.
Entries must be received by: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Prizes: 1st - $70.00; 2nd - $50.00; 3rd - $40.00; 4th - $30.00

Special Rules:
1. Cattle must be in barn on Thursday, by 6pm. Cattle exhibited cannot be removed from beef area until 4:00 pm Sunday.
2. For a breed to be eligible to be shown on its own, a minimum of 3 Exhibitors and 15 head is required.
3. To be eligible for full prize money there must be two entries in a class. Half prize money will be paid for classes of less than two entries.
4. Classes may be split at the discretion of the Beef Committee when the number of exhibits exceeds 13. Prize money will be paid on each split. The top two entries from each split will then qualify for a championship for the class (ribbons only).
5. ** Classes 200 & 201 - If a female with a heifer calf at foot is declared Senior Champion or Reserve Senior Champion, the heifer calf is not eligible for Class 203 - Female, Calf.
6. All cattle exhibited in the registered classes must be entered in the name of the registered owner. The animal’s age and registration number must be given on the entry form.
7. The said owner is to have been in possession of same animal at least one month prior to the date of entry.
8. All animals exhibited in Registered Beef Classes MUST be legibly tattooed. Clean ears so tattoos are readable. All animals must have CCIA tags.
9. The original Certificate of Registration must be produced if requested by the Committee.
10. Livestock Exhibitors WILL BE REQUIRED to place their names and addresses over their exhibits in the stock barn. Exhibitor’s promotional, advertising, and educational information is to be within their alloted stall space. General space will be allocated in the barn for breed association and cattlemen displays.
11. All animals must be under proper control at all times.
12. All animals exhibited shall be free from contagious or infectious diseases. The Committee reserves the right to have any animal inspected by a veterinarian. The Committee may order the removal from the grounds or isolation of any animal considered by the veterinarian to be contagious or infectious.
13. All bulls over one year of age must be handled with nose ring or humbug at all times.
14. All cattle stalled are to be shown or judged. No nurse cows.
15. All cattle tied in stalls must also be tied with a safety rope.
16. Exhibitor number must be worn in show ring.
17. The Chairperson in charge of the barn will allocate stall space based on entries received at deadline.
18. Exhibitors must abide by barn rules.
19. Read ‘Notice to Exhibitors’ on Page 5 of the Fair Booklet.
20. Brand inspection:

Points awarded for Premier Exhibitor / Premier Breeder: 1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2; 4th – 1.
Classes 200 to 206 qualify for points. Breeder’s Herd will be used in case of a tie. Classes paying half prize money will be awarded half points.


Beef Show starts 10:00 am Saturday.
Registered classes will follow as listed in order of showing.
Jackpot Classes start 10:00 am Sunday, followed by Beef Show Awards.

299 Fitting and Showmanship.
Ribbons and prizes sponsored by Crosby Cattle and Ludwig Farms. No entry fee.
223 Market Steer

Regular Class (Classes by breed or AOB):
Angus Gold Show Rules Apply

Female, born 2014 or earlier with 2017 calf at foot
201 Female, born 2015, with 2017 calf at foot
-Senior Champion Female/Senior Reserve Champion Female - Ribbons
202 Female, Yearling born 2016
203 Female, Calf, born 2017
-Junior Champion Female/Junior Reserve Champion Female - Ribbons
-Grand Champion Female/Reserve Grand Champion Female - Ribbons
204 Bull, Calf born 2017
205 Bull, Yearling born in 2016
-Junior Champion Bull/Junior Reserve Champion Bull - Ribbons
206 Bull, Born 2015
-Senior Champion Bull/Reserve Senior Champion Bull - Ribbons
-Grand Champion Bull/Reserve Grand Champion Bull - Ribbons
207 Breeder’s Herd. Group of 3, (both sexes). Registration certificate must show animals to be bred by Exhibitor and at least one animal being owned by Exhibitor. Each animal must have been exhibited in at least one of the above classes. (Females shown classes 200/201 must be shown with calf at side and are considered one unit).
Entry fee: $15.00
208 Get of Sire. (3 animals, both sexes represented).
At least one animal being owned by Exhibitor.
Entry fee: $15.00
209 Progeny of Dam born and raised (2 animals, any sex).
At least one animal being owned by Exhibitor.
Entry fee: $15.00
210 Jackpot Yearling Heifer. Open to Registered or Commercial heifers. (Class shown on Sunday)
Entry fee: $25.00
Prizes: 1st – 50%; 2nd – 30%; 3rd – 20%
Judged by 3 local commercial cattlemen.
211 Jackpot Bull Calf. Registered bull calves
(Class shown on Sunday)
Entry fee: $25.00
Prizes: 1st – 50%; 2nd – 30%; 3rd – 20%
Judged by 3 local commercial cattlemen.


(Intended for the Commercial Beef Producer)
Section Rule:
Animals must not have been shown in previous registered classes (Section One).
221 Pen of 3 COMMERCIAL (Non-registered) Yearling Heifers
One entry per competitor; class is limted to eight pens of 3 heifers. Not haltered, clipped, blown or washed before or during the event.
Entry Fee: $50
1st - $500 Sponsored by Cluculz Lake Livestock Assn., Fort Fraser Livestock Assn., Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemen's Assn., and Sinkut Mountain Cattlemen’s Assn.
2nd - $300 Gift Certificate Sponsored by Sure Crop Feeds Inc.
3rd - $100 Sponsored by Cluculz Lake Livestock Assn., Fort Fraser Livestock Assn., Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemen's Assn., Sinkut Mtn Cattlemen's Assn.

223 Market Steer Class.
Must be born in 2016. Market animal to be judged as immediate butcher animals.
Entry fee: $10.00
Prizes: 1st - $50.00 2nd - $30.00 3rd - $20.00


Perpetual trophies or plaques MUST remain in Vanderhoof on display.

Royal Bank of Canada

Hub Barton International Insurance Broker

DMS Ranch Inc.

North 40 Red Angus

Ludwig Farms

KC Ranch

Huber Equipment

Special thanks to TK Cattle Company for supplying the panels for the Pen of 3 Commercial Heifers.