Nechako Valley Exhibition Society

Divisions 8A - Light Horse Driving
Division 8 - Heavy Horse below

Chairperson: Mike DiMassimo 250-570-1504

Mail entry forms with cheques payable to:
Nechako Valley Exhibition
PO Box 863
Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0

Special Rules:
1. It is mandatory that Exhibitors have coverage under the Horse Council of BC.
2. The date of brith wil be considered to January 1st in the year the animal was foaled.
3. Classes will gather in a collecting ring ten minutes prior to their respective classes. Any exhibitior who is not ready when his or her class is called will automatically forfeit the entry fee.
4. All foals must be exhibited in the halter. Mares may accompany foals into the ring at the discretion of the Exhibitor.
5. All animals must be tied or stalled when not being actively exhibited. No animal will be allowed to run at large on the Exhibition Grounds at any time.
6. All wagon poles MUST have a safety strap on the neck yoke.
7. Any horse not sufficiently under control shall be asked to leave the ring.
8. Header or swamper required with hitch classes. All attendants will be presentable and in proper attire.
9. A junior is anyone 18 years old or younger. Proof of age may be requested.
10. Juniors must have a knowledgeable horseman with them at all times while in carriage or cart.
11. No stallions to be handled by a junior exhibitor.
12. Read Notice of Exhibitors on page 5 of the Fair Booklet.
13. All Exhibitors must sign the Liability Form upon arrival.

Special Rules for Light Horse Driving:

1. Juniors must have a knowledgeable horseman with them at all times while in carriage or cart.
2. Juniors must wear helmets while in carriage or carts.
3. Any horse not sufficiently under control shall be asked to leave the ring.
4. Lap Robes are optional, must wear hat (helmet), gloves, and carry whip in hand.
5. Same person will do drive and ride.
6. All classes open to all single hitches (Friday)
7. Period costumes or gaudy trappings are discouraged; conservative dress, tailored suits, or slacks please. No floppy hats.
8. Turn-out class to be judged: 70% on the condition, fit and appropriateness of harness and vehicle. Neatness of attire and overall impression. 30% on performance, manners, and way of going.
9. Working class to be judged: 70% on performance, manners and way of going. 20% on condition, fit of harness and vehicle. 10% on neatness of attire.
10. Minis are to be 40" and under.
11. All classes open to ALL single hitches.
12. Exhibitor Packets will be available at the Draft Horse Barn on Friday. These will include: number, dressage tests, and the patterns for the games.

Section 1- Driving in Heavy Horse Ring

Entry Fee: $12 per class
Prize Money: 1st $50 2nd $30 3rd $20
Judge: Carolyn Dobbs
Contact: Jennier Stringer (250) 690-7554 or Hilary McNolty (250) 567-3886

801 Turn Out (Light horse/pony)
802 Mini Turn Out
803 Mini Working Pleasure
804 Training Dressage Test 3
Pre-Lim Dressage Test 3
805 First Year Horse/mini/pony
806 First Year Driver
807 Driving Cones
808 Mini Driving Cones
809 Barrel Obstacles
810 Mini Barrel Obstacles
811 Drive and Ride

*Cones and barrel obstacls will be run through twice, fastest time taken

Division 8 - Heavy Horse

Post entries will be accepted for halter classes and up to one hour before performance classes as long as the Teamster has entered other classes before the cut off date.
Team pull entries are NOT to be included with halter and performance entries.
Team Pull Entry Fee: Team $35.00

Weigh-in Sunday 8 am-9 am. Anyone not weighed in at this time will not be eligible to enter pull. The weigh-in will be conducted by the chairperson or their designate. Any other weights will not be accepted.

Please not the weigh-in at Sunday 8 am-9 am is only for the Team Pull.

All teams will be weighed in. Entrants will be equally divided for the light and heavy divisions. Separate prize money will be paid for both classes. Pulling rules will be posted at the Exhibition.

The Commttee reserves the right to refuse horses in poor body condition. Spot checks by a vterinarian for contrestign horses can also be requested by the Show Committee.

Random drug testing may occur on contesting teams at the discretion of the Show Committee.

Any item not covered in these rules will be ruled on by the Heavy Horse Show Committee.
Any single horses entering the Team Pull on Sunday will be required to re-weigh Saturday morning with the rest of the team pull entries.


Draft Horse Ring


Entry Fee: $6.00 per class
Prize Money: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20

Horses only to be entered in one halter class

821 Draft foals and Yearlings (any sex)
822 Draft Mare or Gelding
823 Pulling Mare or Geldnig (must be entered in pull)
825 Junior Showmanship
826 Supreme Champion and Reserve Champion of Show from Classes (ribbons only)


Draft Horse Ring


Entry Fee: $12.00 per class
Prize Money: 1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40
827 Costume Class (open to light and heavy horse)
This is a fun class. Dress your team or single horse any way you want. To be judged on originality and creativity of the costumes.

Entry Fee: $12.00 per class
Prize Money: 1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40
828 Combined one cart class

Entry Fee: $18.00 per class
Prize Money: 1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100
831 Draft Team on Wagon
832 Ladies Team on Wagon
833 Junior Driving Competition
834 Unicorn Hitch

Entry Fee: $18.00 per class
Prize Money: 1st $400, 2nd 300, 3rd $200
835 Four Draft Hitch
836 Six Draft Hitch


Heavy Horse Fields

Entry Fee: $12.00
Prize Money: 1st $200, 2nd $125, 3rd $75, 4th $50, 5th $50

839 Chore Team Fun Class (Trot)
This event will be timed and scored.


Entry Fee: $12.00 per class
Money: 1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40

840 Team Log Skid
841 Teamster Competition
842 Junior Teamster
843 Farm Implement

**Rules Below

Entry Fee: $35.00 per team
Prize Money: $5,000 added
Prize money will be split between both divisions. To qualify for $100 hook up money the team must complete one pull of their own weight. Payout for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each class.

844 Light Weight Division
845 Heavy Weight Division


Draft Horse Log Skidding Rules:
No multiple use of teams. Teamster may enter as many teams as he or she desires as long as entry fees are paid for each team.
The judge will meet with teamsters prior to competition to go over the rules.

The Course:
Parallel lines 24 feet apart.
End lines or closed end 12 feet from last pylon.
Distance between pylons to be 12 feet.
If pylons are moved during contest the Judge to reset.
This will be timed and fastest time will break any ties.
Each teamster starts contest with 100 points.
5 points will be deducted for each of the following:
1. Team steps on or over the line
2. Teamster steps on or over the line
3. Team, teamster or rigging touches line or pylons
4. Logs touch pylons or sideline
5. Teamster must step over logs when passing pylons
1. Riding on logs
2. Arguing with the Judge
3. Swearing, whipping, slapping or rippling of reins
4. If off course, each contestant must enter the course right side of pylons, and exit left side of pylons
5. Pre-marking of Stops
6. Passing of lines over pylons or walking on the wrong side of pylon (pylons are to be thought of as tall trees)
On stops, a penalty point will be assessed for each inch under or over on each stop, teamster will be scored to the closest inch.
Any movement of logs constitutes a pull.
The team with the highest number of points wins. In the case of a tie the team with the fastest time wins.