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The events, days and times listed below are subject to change. Please check the Schedule of Events closer to the fair for the correct times of events.

Lots of fun for the kids at the Nechako Valley Exhibition! There is always lots going on all weekend long. Listed below are some of the planned events for kids.

Also check out the following Divisions for more ways to participate at the fair.
4-H - 4H clubs and competitions
Division 4 - Sheep
Division 5 - Goats
Division 6 - Poultry
Division 7 - Rabbits
Division 9 - Preschool Exhibits - Exhibits for ages 0-5 yrs.
Division 21 - Junior Exhibits - Exhibits for ages 6-14 yrs.
Division 22 - Youth Exhibits - Exhibits for ages 15-17 yrs.

Cow Milking Booth

Come milk a "cow" at the milk booth. Fun for all ages!

Uncle Chris the Clown

Uncle Chris is a high energy entertainer who realy gets his audience involved in everything that he does. He generates laughter and excitment whenver he performs- and we're not just talking about the children... adults love him too!
His comical magic makes everyone laugh as he messes up his tricks and the audience member end up doing the magic! He's been clowning around all throughout BC since 1999 and has literally done thousands of events and parties. He constantly gets ased to come back over and over again because everybody loves Uncle Chris the Clown!

Carnival Games

Come out and enjoy the many carnival games that will be set-up around the grounds for kids of all ages to enjoy. The carnival is sponsored and run by the Vanderhoof Children's Theatre. Contact Richard Wruth for more information: 250-567-0949.

Dog Agility and Obedience Competition - Friday & Saturday

Ever want to test your pooch at obedience and agility?
Randa's Rascals will have a course up with free training tips and exercises to improve your handling and your pup's performance! Participate in a fun competition (Friday, 4:00 pm) and enjoy an agility demo (Saturday, 4:00 pm). All ages and experience welcome. For more information contact Randa Russell at 250-567-1512.

Dog Obedience Competition: Friday 4:00 pm
Dog Agility: Saturday 4:00 pm

Both events take place on the grassy area beside the Exhibit Building.

Mutton Busting - Saturday, 12:30 pm, Indoor Arena

Come out and test your skills and see how long you can ride bareback on a sheep!

For children weighing 40 lbs or less, between the ages of 3 & 7 years old. Great prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and consolation prizes too!
Last date for pre-registration is Friday, August 14, 2015.

Mutton Busting Registration Form

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Pet Parade, Saturday 12 pm Small Animal Barn

Saturday at 12:00 Noon. Register your pet on Thursday August 20 after 5:00 pm in the small animal barn, OR call Kelly 570-7715 to register before Saturday. Details

Colouring Contest - all weekend

There will be a colouring contest running all weekend in the Small Animal Barn for kids aged 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. Prizes will be awarded on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Details

Scarecrow Competition - Create by 5 pm, Thursday, Small Animal Barn

scarecrowHave fun creating your unique scarecrow either at home and brought to the Small Animal Barn, or created on-site. Scarecrows will be used to decorate the Barn for the duration of the Exhibition. We hope to see lots of different ideas for making scarecrows. Everyone’s participation in this event is greatly appreciated.

Ages: 6-3 and 14-adult

Entry Fee: $2
Judging: Thursday, August 18th after all entries are received.
Prize Money: Rosette ribbon and 50% of entry fees

Details about the Pet Parade, Colouring Contest, and Scarecrow Competition


Slide, swings, jungle gym, kids tent, and more. Located in the center of the Exhibition Grounds.

Teen Day! - Friday

On the Friday of the fair, teenagers 13-18 will be able to enter the Fair Grounds at a reduced price of $6. Come all day, shop, eat and just hang out. We want to see teens at the fair, so come and take advantage of Teen Day.

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Teen Idol Competition - Friday - 2:00 pm, Music ShedTeen Day Saturday

All teens ages 13-19 years of age in the Nechako Valley--singers, musicians, dancers and bands--are invited to compete in this fun competition.
Experienced musicians will judge the performances, and crowd appreciation will also be taken into account.
Applications, with the registration fee of $5 must be submitted no later than July 31, 2016
Applications can be left at the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce, or mailed to:
Nechako Valley Exhibition Society, PO Box 863, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0.

Teen Idol Competition Registration Form

Mechanical Bulls - Saturday

RIDE 'EM COWBOY! The large bull for all you adult cowgirls and cowboys, and the baby bull for the junior cowgirls and cowboys. Come on out and test your riding skills. Do you have what it takes to last?

Ranch Hand Competition - Saturday, 2 pm, Outdoor Arena

Here’s a chance to show off your skills and those of your horse. The Ranch Hand Competition is designed to test the abilities of the horse and its rider.
There are four classes:
Junior -- Ages 10-14
Senior -- Ages 15-18
Adult- 19+
Green Horse - for horses between the ages of 3-5 years

Ranch Hand Competition: Info and Registration Form

Junior Gymkhana - Saturday, 9:00am, Indoor Arena

Nechako Valley Saddle Club's Junior Gymkhana! Barrels, Poles, Stakes, Keyhole, Scurry Race. Four age groups. Postmarked Entry Deadline - Friday, July 31, 2015.

Junior Gymkhana Entry Form



Exhibit Building

Wednesday, August 17
Submit Exhibit Building Entries: Noon-8pm

Thursday, August 18 - Judging

Friday, August 19
Open: Noon - 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 20
Open: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday, August 21
Open: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Pick-up Exhibits: 4:00 pm

TO ENTER: Exhibits - Divisions 9-22

Small Animals

Pet Parade - Saturday noon

Colouring Contest - All weekend!

Sacrecrow Competition - enter on Thursday

TO ENTER: Small Animal Barn - Divisions 4-7


4-H Achievement & Open Classes - Friday 8 am, 4-H Building

4-H Beef Show - Friday, 2 pm, Indoor Arena

4-H Auction - Saturday, 4 pm, 4-H Pavilion

4-H Auction Saturday night

4-H Barbecue - Saturday, 7 pm (invitation only)

All 4-H products and animals will be on display in the 4-H Barn for the duration of the Exhibition, and will be available for purchase at the AUCTION held at 4 pm Saturday, August 20th.

Download "How to Buy"

Main Arena

Be sure to get a schedule to see the times for all the exciting events that happen in the main Arena, including the Ranch Hand Competition, Stock Dog Trials, Mutton Busting, the Heavy Horse Pull and more!