Nechako Valley Exhibition Society

Facilities and Uses

There are many buildings, barns, fields, riding rings, and other facilities on the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds. All the facilities, including the buildings, barns and other ammentities are available for rent, either all together (the entire Grounds), or on an individual basis (eg. the Arena for a clinic). Examples include horse clinics, horse and cattle shows, concerts, family reunions, banquets, weddings and more.

During the winter months (November thru April) the Barns and Sheds are only available for storage of RV's and other units.

We recommend that you contact us a minimum of 1 month in advance to ensure that the facilities you require are available. Click here to view our Facilities Guide .

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L x W x H (ft) Typical Uses-Other Information
Arena 70x200 Horse shows, ropping, penning, rodeos, dog agility, clinics. Indoor, heat, lights, water, stalls various sizes.
Arena Mezzanine 25x100 Dances, banquets, meetings. Upstairs overlooking arena, bar, 3x5m (10'x17') stage.
Arena Kitchen 13x20x9 Concession, banquet. Pass thru counter.
4H Building 60x100 Wash rack adjacent building.
Co-op Building 72x36x14 Storage, displays. Both doors 11'x12'.
Exhibit Building 97x40x9 Displays, storage, dances.
Entrance Building 12x8 Gate entry. Log construction, brand new. Two 'drive-thru' windows.
Stage & Covered Shelter 24x20x8

Covered area: 50x40x12

Concerts, plays, performances, outdoor covered events.
Storage Building 12x14 Storage, dressing room. Located behind the Stage.
Plateau Building 12x84 Farmer's market, covered displays. Open along one side.
Concession 26x10x9 Concession. Stove and sink.
Light Horse Office Building 12x15x9 Temporary office. Located near the Horse Barns.
Shower Building
22x15 Shower stalls.
Outhouses Standard Various Locations

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L x W x H (ft) Typical Uses-Other Information
Heavy Horse Barn 61x134x15 Horse barn. Stalls 9'x12'.
Beef Barn 100x80x15 Cattle barn. Water tower and tiebars adjacent building.
Small Animal Barn 57x99 Small animal display. Stalls for single small animal.
Horse Barn #1 120x20 Horse stalls.
Horse Barn #2 120x50 Horse stalls.
Horse Barn #3 120x20 Horse stalls.

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Riding Rings

L x W (ft) Typical Uses-Other Information
Indoor Riding Arena 70x200

Horse shows, ropping, penning, rodeos, dog agility, clinics. Indoor, heat, lights, water, stalls.

Beef Ring 80x110

Cattle shows. Wood fence, three 2.5m (8') gates.

Draft Horse Ring 160x220 Draft horse shows. Rail fence.
Dressage Ring 70x195 Dressage and light horse shows. Located inside the Icelandic Horse Track.
Icelandic Horse Track 800x15 Track racing, Icelandic Horse shows. Rope fence.
Riding Ring 110x195 Horse shows, jumping, barrel racing, Gymkhanas. Rail fence.

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Other Facilities

L x W (ft) Typical Uses-Other Information
Back and Side Fields approx.
6 acres
Horse pasture, camping, farming, temporary parking. Temporary horse fence.
Parking Area 2 acres Parking. 250 car capacity.
Outdoor Pen 50x50 Area for cattle or horses. Lean-to shelter, water source, cattle shoots.
Dog Agility Area 39x100 Dog agility trials and clinics. Rope fence.
Playground 32x48 Having lots of fun. Swings, jungle gym, slide, teeter-totter.
Concession Area 70x100 Picnics, concession parking. Water and lighting.
Water Tower - Water storage. For use at Beef Barn.

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