Nechako Valley Exhibition Society

Nechako Valley Saddle Club

General Information

The Nechako Valley Saddle Club is a non-profit horse club that has been supporting riders in the Vanderhoof community for over 60 years.  As a club, we focus on promoting good horsemanship, friendly competition, excellent sportsmanship, and creating a fun and welcoming environment for all ages and levels of riders.  We currently have over 45 members in our club ranging in age from 3 to 65, and from all skill levels, from beginner riders to experienced horsemen.  We strive to make our events family friendly and affordable.  Our club is run by a group of wonderful volunteers, and we host five gymkhanas every summer and also organize the Junior Gymkhana competition every year at the Nechako Valley Exhibition.

Nechako Valley Saddle Club gymkhanas are held at the Nechako Valley Exhibition grounds in Vanderhoof.  Our events are held in the outdoor arena, unless the weather forces us to use the indoor.  We run five events at each gymkhana.  Barrels, Poles, Stakes, and Scurries are run at every gymkhana and the fifth event alternates from month to month between Flag, Keyhole, and Thread-the-Needle.  Spectators are always welcome, and we do have a small concession that supplies snacks and drinks!

Members and their horses compete at five gymkhanas during the summer and collect points based on their placing in each event.  At the end of the season there are Hi-point awards handed out to the top three riders in each age division.  We have had some really amazing prizes up for grabs in the past years including a saddle(!), belt buckles, breast collars, headstalls, horse blankets, halters, sport boots, grooming totes/supplies, and a ton of other fun things!  We also hand out awards to our very deserving members for The Most Improved Rider, The Most Sportsmanlike Member, and Horse of the Year.

Everyone is welcome to come out and ride at NVSC gymkhanas, you don’t have to be the best rider or have the fastest horse, because our main focus is having fun!  For more information or if you have any questions please check out the Nechako Valley Saddle Club page on Facebook.


Nechako Valley Saddle Club members may use the arenas during Saddle Club Gymkhana times only.


Member Expectations and Safety Rules

Saddle Club Guidelines

  • All riders aged 18 years or younger must wear a helmet, no exceptions
  • Only NVSC paid members will qualify for year-end awards, drop in riders will not be awarded points for events
  • Lead Through riders must be lead through by a helper on foot
  • Any disrespectful actions/comments made towards other riders, your horse, or any volunteers will not be tolerated
  • If your name is called to ride and you are not at the in-gate, you will miss your turn to compete in that event
  • Please respect the grounds and clean-up after yourself and your horse

Exhibition Grounds Expectations

  • Dues must be paid before you ride. Any rider that has not paid will be penalized 1 months dues.
  • All riders must clean up after their horses.
  • No cattle, barrels, poles or other equipment to be used during "pleasure" riding times.
  • All equipment is to be put away after use.
  • Stalls are locked. Arrangements must be made in advance for access. $10/day, $25 cleaning deposit.
  • Follow all safety rules.
  • Respect other members and Nechako Valley Exhibition Society staff/members.
  • Ensure the facilities and grounds are clean and tidy after use.
  • Park in a reasonable fashion so as not to restrict access.
  • Turn off the lights and heat (if applicable), and close the doors to the arena when you leave.
  • All dogs must be under control and on a leash at all times, unless involved in a specific activity. Owners are to clean up after their dogs.

Safety Rules

  • The Nechako Valley Exhibition Society requires that all Junior riders (ages 18 years and less) wear protective head gear, such as a helmet, when riding.
  • The lights in the indoor arena must be used after dusk.
  • Unsafe riding behaviour is strictly prohibited anywhere on the grounds.
  • All livestock and horses must be kept under control.
  • All animals left at the facility will be housed in secured pens/stalls.
  • All animals will be treated humanely.
  • The maximum speed limit for all vehicles at the Exhibition Grounds is 20km/hr.
  • Report any faulty equipment, damaged pens and stalls, or other damage of the Grounds to the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society immediately.
  • Please read the signs posted in the arena and arena lobby for additional information on general safety, animal boarding rules, and proper facility usage.


Insurance and Liability

  • As a Nechako Valley Saddle Club member you are using the facility at your own risk. The Nechako Valley Exhibition Society REQUIRES that NV Saddle Club members obtain Horse Council BC equine insurance.
  • All riders (including Arena Riders, Saddle Club members, drop-in riders, and Guests) at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds must fill-in and sign the Release from Liability form(s) before riding.



The Nechako Valley Saddle Club fees are $40 for an individual of any age, or $100 for a family membership. Payments may be made to Dorothy Abercrombie, 8696 Braeside Rd, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A2.

In addition, Nechako Valley Exhibition Society fees for Saddle Club arena users are $35 for an indiviudal, or $88 for a family membership. Cheques payable to Nechako Valley Exhibition Society. Payments may be dropped off during office hours, Wednesday-Friday 10 am- 2 pm or left in drop boxes in lobby of arena building.


Download an application form, as well as a Release from Liability form and submit to the NVES before riding. Guest riders must complete a Release from Liability Form before riding. Forms can be put in a drop box, under the arena office door, or mailed to the NVES.