54th Annual Nechako Valley Exhibition!
August 14-16, 2020

Arena Rider Membership

General Information

For equestrian users of the facility, the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds provides a heated and lighted 70' x 200' indoor riding arena, a 110' x 195' outdoor competition arena, and a 160' x 220' outdoor draft horse ring. We have equipment available for your use including barrels, jumps, poles, etc.

We have a heated lobby in the arena building as well as indoor and outdoor washroom facilities (outdoor includes showers and is only open during summer months).

The Exhibition Grounds boast 8 outdoor 30'x40' pens which include a covered shelter, as well as a light horse barn with 10'x10' box stalls for your boarding convenience.

Arena Rider Members are entitled to the use of all of these as per the fee schedule below.

The general public is welcome to haul-in anytime and use the facilities at their convenience, for a drop in fee of $15 per day. Please check the arena schedule BEFORE making the trip in!

The NVES strives to provide a safe and enjoyable riding environment for riders and animals. The Society is open to all comments received by Arena Rider Members, and encourages participation in the Society’s monthly general meetings.

The indoor and outdoor arena ground is groomed on a regular basis!

Gates will be locked every night at 10:00 pm and opened at 7:00 am.

Membership fees

Arena Rider memberships are valid for one year from date paid, and include general membership to the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society.

Yearly membership fees, attached to a completed application ( see below ), can be put in the drop box in the arena lobby, brought to the office during regular hours, or mailed to the NVES.

Drop-in riders must fill out a waiver, sign, and include with the $15 payment in an envelope, and place in drop box in lobby. Drop boxes are checked regularly.

Waivers, applications, and envelopes can all be found on a table near the drop box in the lobby, as well as at the rear of the arena near the yellow drop box.

**Yearly arena rider memberships are now available on a 5 month payment plan as detailed below.

Membership Type Description Yearly 1-Time Cost 5 Month
Payment Plan
Annual Adult 1 adult 19 and older $340.00 $70/month
Annual Youth 1 youth, 18 or younger (requires parent/guardian signature) $160.00 $32/month
  Each additional youth (same family) $100.00 $20/month
Annual Family Parents and children living in same household $540.00 $110/month
  Children 5 and under 
(must be accompanied by parent/guardian with valid membership + signed waiver)
Drop-in/Guest Those with no yearly membership $20 per day  
Time Slot in Arena Rider Schedule Book a dedicated weekly time slot for your group or club (upon approval from Board) $100.00 per 6 month season  

Rental Pens

Pens &Stalls are locked. Arrangements must be made in advance for access by calling the office at (250) 567-3011.

  • 10 x 10 Box Stalls: $25/day OR $100/month + $25 cleaning deposit
  • 30 x 40 Outdoor Pens (2 horse max.) : $25/day OR $130/month + $100 cleaning deposit
  • 20 x 20 Indoor Pen (1 horse max): $25/day OR $100/month + $100 cleaning deposit
  • 30 x 30 Indoor Pens (2 horse max.) : $25/day OR $130/month + $100 cleaning deposit



Forms can be found in the arena lobby or downloaded here. You must submit a competed waiver for your age group (adult or youth) with your arena rider member application.

Guests/Drop-ins must complete a liability waiver once so that we have one on file for you before you ride.
Forms and payment can be placed inside arena lobby drop box or brought to the office during regular hours (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10-4).

  • Arena Rider Membership - new form coming soon
  • Release from Liability Form - Adult (19 years and older)
  • Release from Liability Form - Youth (under 19 years old)


Member Expectations and Safety Rules


  • Membership dues must be paid before you ride. Any rider that has not paid will be penalized 1 month's dues.
  • If you are not a Member, you must pay drop-in fees of $20 per day. These fees are NOT applied against regular membership. Members are responsible for collecting and submitting fees for their guests.
  • All riders must clean up after their horses.
  • No cattle, barrels, poles or other equipment to be used during open riding times.
  • All equipment is to be put away after use.
  • Respect other members and Nechako Valley Exhibition Society staff/members.
  • Ensure the facilities and grounds are clean and tidy after use.
  • Park in a reasonable fashion so as not to restrict access.
  • Turn off the lights and heat (if applicable), and close the doors to the arena when you leave.
  • All dogs must be under control and on a leash at all times, unless involved in a specific activity. Owners are to clean up after their dogs.
  • No dogs allowed in the arena unless in a specific canine event.
  • All riders need to do their part in picking horse manure up after they ride and after their event.
  • If after your event or practice there are large rims or very uneven ground, this needs to be fixed for the next group – there are rakes behind roping box.

Safety Rules

  • All riders under the age of 19 MUST wear a helmet when riding on the grounds- no exceptions.
  • The lights in the indoor arena must be used after dusk.
  • Unsafe riding behaviour is strictly prohibited anywhere on the grounds.
  • All livestock and horses must be kept under control.
  • All animals left at the facility will be housed in secured pens/stalls.
  • All animals will be treated humanely.
  • No dogs allowed in the arena unless in an organized canine event.
  • The maximum speed limit for all vehicles at the Exhibition Grounds is 20km/hr.
  • Please report any faulty equipment, damaged pens and stalls, or other damage of the Grounds to the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society immediately.
  • Please read the signs posted in the arena and arena lobby for additional information on general safety, animal boarding rules, and proper facility usage.


Insurance and Liability

  • As an Arena Rider member you are using the facility at your own risk. The Nechako Valley Exhibition Society requires that Arena Rider members obtain HORSE COUNCIL OF BC equine insurance prior to riding.
  • All riders (including Arena Riders, Saddle Club members, drop-in riders, and Guests) at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds must fill-in and sign the Release from Liability form(s) before riding.


Riding Groups

Groups or clubs wishing to ride in the indoor arena for a specific discipline may make a presentation to the Board of Directors requesting a regular time slot.

There is a time-slot booking fee of $100 per group per 6 month season (winter or summer). Each group must include an active Arena Rider Member. Participants in the time slot who do not have an Arena Rider Membership are required to pay the $20 drop-in fee per usage.



54th Annual Nechako Valley Exhibition!
August 14-16, 2020

Phone: 250-567-3011

PO Box 863, Vanderhoof, BC, V0J 3A0
Exhibition Grounds on Northside Road